Groovy Gripper - Food & Utensil Holder

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Groovy  Gripper - Food & Utensil Holder

The unique Groovy Gripper helps a child to independently eat a Rusk or fruit stick by always keeping it clean and within reach.


- The ergonomically designed handle securely grips on to rusks and fruits sticks, leaving them to be devoured safely, away from
the floor and free from germs.

- Groovy Gripper clips onto your child’s wrist or clothing and is perfect for the highchair, pram or baby carrier.

- A separate fork and spoon attachment is available as your baby transitions to self-feeding. No more dropped and dirty utensils

- All items are made from high quality BPA free plastic, recyclable and are safe for your dishwasher.

- No more wasted food, No more germs and No more tantrums

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